No, not that type of hacking.

HackDuke Dev is a new project development initiative from the team behind HackDuke - Duke's premier organization for technology and social good.

We build initiatives for social good on the Duke campus.

HackDuke Dev is the project development arm of HackDuke. Through 10 years of organizing hackathons for social good, we realized that true impact requires long term investment in promising ideas. Our mission is to identify areas of inefficiency at Duke and beyond to invest in and build sustainable solutions for.

$3000 in starting capital

25 core team members

Long term vision

We believe that disciplined strategy and engineering is key to success.

Taking a holistic view on projects means bringing on board aspiring engineers, designers, product managers and marketers. Our goal is to develop tailored solutions to real problems while creating a unique learning experience for our members.

We strive to use industry-standard tools and practices.

Writing production-grade code and learning the management skills to operate long term projects is part of our appeal to prospective members. No matter your role at HackDuke Dev, our goal is to run our projects and initiatives with professionalism.

We are looking for students who are excited about building and maintaining professional operations.

Our goal is to give our members the opportunity to solve challenging problems from both a technical and product strategy perspective. At HackDuke Dev, we aim for you to learn hands-on what it's like to have ownership over a project — from writing code to finding product-market fit. Most critically, we want to ensure that you have the resources required to build an effective solution. HackDuke Dev will invest in solutions that ultimately benefit the Duke community and beyond.